It had to be Gudjohnsen


And Gudjohnsen appeared… Now I remember last May, when the Champions League started to slip through Atlético de Madrid‘s fingers because of Ramos‘ goal at minute 93. Nothing to do, of course, but that comes to my mind when I think about what happened to us in Bolton. We had it in our hands, we were almost touching it… and Gudjohnsen emerged out of the blue to steal our first away victory, that what we had fought for. Guddy is not already in his prime, but he’s that kind of player who always knows where and when to be.

We played well, we worked, we fought, we devoted ourselves and we were solidary. Both teams had opportunities and could win or lose but the feelings are positive when I think about it. Last Saturday, after the match, I was sad and pissed off, as everyone in the team, but if we analyze it calmly we should feel satisfied because we are keeping our dignity and proud at this end of season. We are another team and that’s indeed a lot.

Returning to Gudjohnsen, we happened to meet while I was at Barça B. We didn’t have so much contact because most of the times I trained with the first team the international players weren’t there and he hasn’t missed a match with Island since he started to walk. I was thinking of say hello to him at the end of the match but I reject the idea when he scored the draw goal.

I know my match was not brilliant. I had no clarity with the ball, which is precisely what I never miss, so I took the right way: to run and to work for my partners. Years ago, I learnt you must double your efforts when it’s not your day. Be solidary and help. And I did it. At least, we’re playing again tomorrow, at home against Reading, and I die to play well and enjoy. And I want to win.

Win. We need to include this word again into the club’s mentality because I’m fed up with losing and I hate to give the impression we are a team of losers. The day I start a match thinking “there’s nothing we can do”, I will turn around and go home.

I’ve had a particular satisfaction, a remarkable thing considering the season. The ‘Four Four Two‘ magazine have made a survey to decide the best 50 players in Championship, League One and League Two this year. And they have published the list of those who didn’t enter the list by inches. A friend of mine called me yesterday to tell me I was among these, in the 54th position, which is at least a recognition of my work.

During last week, I was surprised with the critics to Spanish Team for their defeat against Netherlands. It seems like they should win always, as if winning two European Cups in a row was a piece of cake. Spain is in renovation but I can’t understand some things I have read. In some ways, it’s bound to FC Barcelona‘s renovation. They have an idea and a very specific football who granted to them all the honours, something that was taken to the national team, and now they both are in a change process.

Football is made of cycles but that’s the way we Latins are: when you win so much, you don’t know how to lose and any defeat is hard to bear. What happened in Brazil was terrible to us, sure, but it’s not a reason to attack the team the way they do.

I was delighted to watch the Italy vs England match. I like the azurra. We were used to see them under the crossbar, defending with clenching teeth, but now they play the ball well. And England was not any less with a great Carrick. England is like Spain before winning the 2008 European Cup to me. If you look at them player by player you realize it’s a great team… but they always misses something. And sometimes it’s a question of bad luck.

Last week someone from the PFA came to give us the ballot papers to vote for our team of the year, best young Premier player and best player. I vote for Harry Kane because it’s difficult to make a better season. I still remember playing against him when he was in Leicester and he couldn’t be always a starter… Now he dashes in the Premier League and with the national team. A proof that football is very strange and sometimes unfair.

My Championship team of the year has got a bit of everything. I will be sincere: some friends of mine occupy several places, but I think I’m fair in my choices. I could not choose other wingers than Calderon and Bruno Saltor although I had to change of wing one of them. For the rest, I guided myself by the sensations I had in the pitch. Michel Antonio (Forest) and Matt Richie (Bornemouth) had to be there, as Gary Hooper (Norwich), maybe not the best striker of the season but great against us. Wes Hoolahan is also included in a pretty offensive team. I tried to be fair because I don’t like to make fun of these things. And yes, I’ve voted two friends as best wingers… but they haven’t got rival in the category.

To finish off I’m making you jealous. Last week was not special… but the 1.5 kilogram chop we had my friend Adam El Abd and I was historical. Such a chop in the north of England! And in the company of a great guy who I spent a great time with in Brighton. He is playing at the Bury and I think he deserves to play in a better category.

That’s the way football is…

See you tomorrow at Bloomfield Road. Happy Easter and…


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